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This fragrance is in my top 3 favorite oils of all time from any supplier. I thought my favorite was an oil from another company until I got ahold of this and will never let go. Nothing out there can compare to this. This one is very popular for the Patchouli lovers and those customers request it in everything. I admit that I get overly happy when they do, so I can use it often. If not, I just keep on hand for my own occasional sniff fix. LOVE!

What in the patchouli?!?

I went in not expecting to enjoy this. This is isn't heavy patchouli. This is sweet neroli, patchouli, and something rounding out out. Gorgeous! I love it! Co notes: No A, no r, creamy discoloration.

Susan Coffey
Brain on drugs

Love this scent. Good HT in 464. Will order again! Hippie Haven here I come.

Whitney Lawrence
She understood the assignment!

Marsha knocked this one out of the park, it’s beautiful and I adore the hippie vibes. I have plans for this to be a spring scent and I just know it will be wildly popular!

Carissa R.
What in the Woodstock is this!

This scent is fun. Upon first sniff my brain woke up out of confusion. Like Alice in wonderland. I kept Wondering what that smell was. Every sniff was different. Very impressive. My hippie customers are going to fall in love with this one. So fun and unexpected. Not for the faint of heart.

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