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Kelly Marks
Sooo good

This scent is unique and lovely! To me, it smells “alive” if that makes sense. An earthy forest floor without the pine.

Heather Magee
Nature at its best

Earthy, bright, grounding and vibrant. One of my favorites!

Sweet summer

I live in North Carolina just between the foothills of the mountains and the city. I am fortunate to live near wooded area and natural native plants. I have never smelled anything like Woodland Fern (in a fragrance oil) until after I went for a walk and got a whiff of "dew/humidity" off the grass and trees near me. (It has been raining a lot here, so the smell of the earth and plants are kind of damp and then there's the heat!) I immediately had thought of the scent from the bottle sniffer! It really captures the smell of earth and ferns. It has a sophisticated after note which makes it intriguing. This would make a great 'Mountain Hike' scent if you will.

Diana Sichta
Definitely Green

If you’re looking for a green scent, this is it. It’s not flowery at all. It is more like walking into a greenhouse. It even reminded me of the “green section” of the grocery store. I like it as a stand alone. Lots of possibilities for blending, too.

Courtney Blankenship

I love this scent. Actually blended with Hay and it was spectacular