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Maybe I got one that was mislabeled?

I was very excited about this scent after reading the reviews! I expected what everyone said: sweet and spicy and witchy vibes... Prominent black pepper maybe. I'm not sure if my nose is broken, but I'm not getting that at all. :( I'm thinking I had to have gotten a mixed up bottle or something because what I received smells almost like baby powder, or very light florals (jasmine and geranium perhaps?) but absolutely no spice to it that I can detect. I read that it's a little different in wax so I went ahead and made a batch. It's just very light and floral, even in my soy 464 wax. It's still nice, and I'll still sell it, but I'm probably gonna have to rename it from my original choice (Museum of Witchcraft, inspired by a video game location).

Perfect fall scent

If you are looking for a fall scent outside of the typical apple and pumpkin - this is for you. It has great hot throw and is a perfect blend of cinnamon and spice. It sold out at my first fall market of the season!

Erin Falvey
Put it in wax

I honestly didn’t like this OOTB but in wax she’s good! Totally witchy vibes but upscale witchy vibes. Put it in wax before you judge her!

Anastasia Lujan
Witchy Woman

The scent is very well balanced, not too strong and not overpowering. I love it. For me, it brings back memories of shopping at unique little boutiques when I was young.

Great in soy

Beautiful blend of sweet and spicy like everyone else says. Definitely a witchy woman vibe from this fragrance, I love it!

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