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I LOVE this! My New Favorite!

I rarely write fragrance reviews but I just had to write one for this oil! I love it. It's the perfect aquatic, minty spa scent. It actually reminds me of my grandmother in a good way. She must have used a product with a similar scent or something.

Very calming and like another reviewer said, it makes the perfect WFH candle. This scent has a strong throw but isn't overpowering. It lingers and doesn't disappear. It fills my living room with no problem and when I had it in my bathroom I could smell it in my room as well. Definitely adding this to my candle line!

Botanical Home Fragrances
New Favorite

This is my new favorite. There's a fresh, green scent mixed beautifully with a subtle mint. This isn't minty like a candy or gum, but more like the scent you would expect to find on your hands after picking mint from your herb garden. It has a very spa-like essence about it. I've used it alone, but it mixes beautifully with Tart Lemon and/or Cucumber, and it brings to mind a crisp cool glass of spa water.

Whitney Lawrence
Wow….just WOW!

Where do I even begin?! It’s calming and luxurious. I find myself opening up the bottle just to take a whiff and breathe in the beautiful, relaxing scent 🤤

d l
Simple, Clean & Refreshing

An amazingly clean, spa like scent that clears the mind and calms the soul. Makes a great WFH candle that you can burn all day without feeling sensory overload. Despite being simple, it still portrays some depth through it's soft, aqua, luxurious minty-ness. I really like this one.

Kelly Hedley
Don’t sleep on it

No clue how this doesn’t have reviews yet. It’s fabulous! It’s simple yet complex if that makes any sense.

For those who like a clean scent this is a unique one!

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