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Tracy Hall

I'm a patchouli girl and I'm in love with this scent. It's clean and fresh, a little cinnamon-y and the patchouli definitely comes through at the end. This is a "keeper" for me!

Amanda Floyd
A true memory scent

This scent is my grandpa in a bottle. It reminds me of his cologne that he would wear and I love it. I have a lady that orders this candle for the same reason. This is a great warm and comforting scent.

Alethea Gaukel
The scent that changes everything I smell it

I absolutely love the scent with no name. Each time I take a whiff, I feel like the scent changes. Its a whole new experience every time. It smells familiar and not familiar at the same time. I think this fragrance will be a huge hit with my candle customers. I love it!

Story time!!!

I made a small order with a few fragrances and samples. When I received the box there was a huge hole in the side and only half of my order! 3 Letter company starts with a U. Marsha responded IMMEDIATELY and with such kindness and replaced the fragrances lost. I know it's simple but we've all dealt with less than optimal customer service and her kindness really made my day.

On to the review. Oob I hated this fragrance. I was prepared to really dislike the soap. Not a patchouli or woods fan. This fragrance mellows to a ****, light, feminine scent. Nailed it! CP soap: no acceleration, no ricing, no discoloration.

Biggest Crush

I literally swoon over this one ! I often find myself going back for a secret sniff ! It’s mysterious and warm and kinda **** .. mix this with book nook and it’s AAHHHMAZING !

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