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Maura's Handcrafted

Used this in coco soy/beeswax candles and oh my! It grabs the nuances of the actual food. The tartness of the strawberry and the warmth of the cream….just wow! I also blended 25% to 75% apple orchard in CP soap and surprisingly it works so beautifully together


Warning labels exist because of this scent. I was a bit suspicious about it because strawberry always tends to turn into a vinegary grossness *or* smells like "random red drink" scent... this is neither. Gorgeous fragrance, true to its name and scent. The sweet and Tart strawberry compote takes the top of this scent but you can literally smell the whipped cream and chiffon-light shortcake too.

I mixed mine with Rhubarb and it is magical. Everyone enjoyed this scent, and I know for a fact at least one of my clients did lick the candle. 🤦‍♀️ ("just to see").
It does smell amazing. Throws easily in cocosoy. 🍓 🍰

Botanical Home Fragrances

If you're looking for a nostalgic, summer scent this one will not disappoint. It has the most authentic strawberry scent - not the fake smell like the pink mix you put in your milk as a kid. Inhale a little deeper, and you can smell the shortcake and a sweetness like whipped topping. I put these in wax melts, took them to work and everyone fought over them. I actually had one coworker lick one in order to claim it! Yes, it is THAT good.

Best Spring/Summer Seller

Love this scent! It's one of my best sellers for candles in the spring & summer. You won't regret buying this scent!

Nancy Baumgarten

I have poured this one in 464 wax. It is still curing but smells yummy just like strawberry shortcake and hope it throws well!

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