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Jaimee Scheffler
Warm, welcoming, and excellent HT!

This scent performed so lovely in wax, and it’s one of my favorites. It smells warm and homey, with a mix of baking spices- cinnamon and clove and true to life citrus. It’s the type of fragrance you would want to fill your home on Christmas Day, when you’re cuddling in front of the fireplace, or really any day you have company over. Amazing, and I’ll be buying more!

Christmas in a bottle

I got a sniffer of this and was absolutely entranced by it. Orange, cinnamon cloves and slight cranberry tartness. I actually purchased another one from a different supplier thinking it would be as good and was definitely dissatisfied that I didn’t purchase this one. However I am placing a new order and buying this one so I can fill my home with its amazingness. Definitely the best one of all the big suppliers, I’ve tried them all! Don’t sleep on it!

Don’t listen to the previous review! This scent is Amazing

Don’t listen to the 3 star review… this scent is amazing! I put this fragrance oil in wax as soon as I got it and it isn’t a subtle scent at all it is VERY strong, but that is to be expected Marsha only gives us quality oils. I will say that I have to let my candles cure for two weeks so that the scent can fully distribute throughout the wax, but this scent is a thrower I light it in the hallway and can smell it throughout the house.

Christopher Rowe
It’s just okay.

I really am looking for an orange studded with cloves kind of scent. It’s a nice scent but very subtle.

I will use it in a blend, but for the price I was very disappointed as this came highly recommended.