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Madia R.
The smell is EXACT!

This scent is simply amazing. The scent description is on point to what it smells like. I keep going back in for sniffs. It truly makes you hungry for some sweets lol! Plus you can smell the cream cheese frosting. I love it!

Kristie McGrath
There is not a pumpkin roll out there closer.

I have tried every pumpkin roll out there and settled with the closest one. While it’s been a winner for me, my jaw dropped when I smelled Little Bee’s! It is the most PERFECT blend EVER! Sweet, creamy, spicy with pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon but yet still SO creamy and sweet. Sniff it long enough and you’ll start to smell the brown sugar too. I am in love, it’s more than perfect!

Lisa Dymock

This is soooo good!!
You inhale and immediately your mouth waters.
Its so crazy how you can even smell the frosting!!!
I am so glad I got this :)

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Sandra Griffin
Perfect blend of pumpkin and sweetness!

The pumpkin is the superstar in this one! The spices blend in nicely to give it the hint of spice and the vanilla is just the right amount to make you swear you can smell the cream cheese filling. I highly recommend this fragrance oil to anyone that loves baked good scents and/or pumpkin, as it smells like the real deal!


Smells exactly like a pumpkin roll !