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More like sweet flowers than peach. Very strong.

I bought this because the title seemed like peach + floral and also lip safe up to 20%, which was perfect for a unique scent in my lip products. I expected this to smell like 50-75% peach/fruit and was disappointed when it smelled more like a sweet blend of flowers with nectar. I don't think it's my nose since I also bought Plum Crazy which smelled accurate to the name. Nevertheless, the smell kind of grew on me and I like it, especially when I mix it with another fruit. It's also super strong where, like, two drops was enough to scent up part of the kitchen for hours. I put in 1.5% in my body butter, and let me say it is ridiculously strong and I'll have to reduce it by half! I can't imagine putting even more of that in a soap, balm, or candle.

I also got two free random samples, molasses and coconut, which I really loved since my first purchase here didn't make it to where I could choose my own. I'll definitely be buying from here again, especially since I compiled a list of more interesting fragrances that are also safe for lips.

Crystal Reyes

PEACH GARDENIA SMELLED FABULOUS! This is my absolute favorite of any FO’s out there! Nicely blended, strong scent! Everything concerning this order was perfect! Quality, prices, customer service, packaging of the product, and shipping time. Even received a hand-written “thanks “ on the packaging slip! GREAT JOB LITTLE BEES!! ♥️🐝

Botanical Home Fragrances
Sweet & Juicy Captured in a Bottle

This one is the perfect balance of fruity and floral so you could market it in either category. The peach smells juicy - like biting into a peach so ripe that the juice drips down your arm. The gardenia is soft and floral. When the two intertwine, the result is simply divine.

Jennifer Wahl

Using in 6006 for candles and Pillar of bliss for melts. It's the perfect blend of peach and floral. It's not overpowering but throws like crazy. Everybody loves it.

Caroline Lawson
Really Lovely Spring-Summer Fragrance

I just made a batch of cold process goat milk soap with Peach Gardenia, and I am in love! It's very easy to work with - no ricing or acceleration - and the scent is holding up strong through the cure. I'll definitely be purchasing more of this fragrance, and adding it to my candle line as well as my soaps! Thanks, Little Bee, for this great fragrance.