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Lisa Dymock

I am NOT a patchouli fan. I smelled it far too much growing up with a hippie mom and swore my candles would never smell like THAT...
I have been getting more than a few requests so thought ok I will try with much apprehension I bought a small one of this.
I should have bought the big one!
This oil is amazing. it's layered and complex and just soo soo soo good.
You do smell a lot of the orange so if your looking for something with orange that is different than your usual citrus blends..try this. bout now..are u clicking that button yet because the one

Catherine Lobascio
Absolutely love Marsha and this company ❤️

1st of all I am just starting out as a candle maker and I emailed Marsha and She emailed me that same night giving me ideas on scents to start out with...She is wonderful and when I got my order I got a hand written note from another woman I just thought that was sooo nice!!! The scents are a very high quality, and the smell from each and everyone of them was amazing "meant to be" is I think my favorite but they all smell beautiful I actually have been wearing them lol I have to stop or I won't be able to make my candles😂😂😂 I love love love Marsha and co. Thank u Soo much!!!!!

Hearts of the Mystic Folk
Absolutely Devine

What a magnificent scent, soft yet powerful cannot wait to launch this scent in our line

Diana Sichta
Patchouli Plus

Love the regular patchouli. The orange comes through and just takes it all up a notch. I like it even better than the regular.

Jennifer Wahl
THE best patchouli

Used in 6006 for candles and Pillar of bliss for melts.
I have been looking for an accurate patchouli for candles for a long time. I've tried so many suppliers and they are all weak and powdery. This is the one! So strong oob. Ht is crazy strong. I even dabbed a little on my shawl a month ago and it still reeks of patchouli. FANTASTIC

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