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Olive Trees Must be AMAZING

I've never smelled an Olive Tree, but it doesn't matter, THIS SCENT IS BEAUTIFUL. I'm not sure what I expected? This scent is light (not in a "you can't smell this" way, in a not-cloying way that sits very gently on the air) and smells like something you'd catch on a summer wind. Based on the scent description, you'd expect something fruity but it really isn't - it is sweet, citrusy, green, botanical... It is so difficult to describe other than YOU JUST NEED IT IN YOUR NOSE HOLES IMMEDIATELY! Beautiful, balanced fragrance. I usually blend...but this is perfection on it's own.
Fantastic CT and HT in Coco86 at 9%. <3 This would really work in any line.

This is a good one!

I was not sure about this scent out of the bottle, but in soap it’s fantastic. I smell cherries and almonds, then musk and vanilla. It’s really good!

Cydney Nerad
Can't love it enough

Where do I start? First off, I would never in a million years think I would buy this fo. HOWEVER, this is why reading the reviews are important. A past review made it sound enticing, and I gave it a go. OMG!! This is the best fo I think I have ever gotten. Just get it, and thank all of these reviewers later.

Thanks previous reviewers! lol.

Dana Pittman

This is so refreshing and very addictive of a smell! I really can't explain it in words but it is just very beautiful and gives you an experience. I never knew what olive fields smelled like but know I would love to go visit one in person. Basically this smell gives you an amazing experience! The cold throw is beautiful, and now I am just waiting to test the hot throw in my coconut apricot candles.

Olive Branch

This one is my favorite, I had to order more! It works great in Soy and Coconut wax! It’s a keeper for me.