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Marcia B.
Nag Champa scent

This scent is THE best Nag Champa on the internet. I've searched and searched and this is the one. Easy to work with in CP soap and scent retention is very good as long as you use enough. Great in lotion too.

Love it!

Best and most authentic Nag Champa around. I now feel like the Nag found on the shelves got it all wrong since LBS got this so right. I feel other suppliers need to take a lesson from Marsha.


Phew, this baby SHINES in incense, baby! In fact, it outshines all other Nag Champa-scented incense I've had up until now. If the scent notes come through in this type of product, I just know it'll perform amazingly in wax and soap!

Bee Keeper
How did You Know?!

How did you know I needed this?
Don’t assume this smells like an overly smoked out incense shop because it doesn’t, it’s still earthy and spiritual like but more chill then we know Nag Champa to be! I absolutely adore this scent! But that’s no surprise because LB just gets it! Especially when it comes to signature deep earthy scents such as this!

Whitney Lawrence
Beautiful 😍

This is perfect! I am a lover of earthy, hippie type fragrances, however, even if you aren’t, I think you will still love this Nag Champa. It’s very balanced, it doesn’t have that sharp bite like some that I’ve smelled in the past. I’d recommend getting a big bottle!