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Works in soy!

To me this smells like a good blend woody and earthy scents. I did have to wick up a bit at 10% but the fragrance is amazing!

Sally Morris
Smells just like dirt!!!

If you're looking for a scent that smells just like freshly tilled soil: this is the fragrance oil you need!

Kate McD.
Love this rich scent!

I'm so excited to use more of this fragrance oil. To me, it smells like lifting up a heavy rock in the woods and smelling the rich soil underneath it. Worked beautifully in my IGI 6006 wax. Absolutely lovely! I'll probably use it as-is, but I'm looking forward to possibly mixing it with other scents in the future.

Deliciously Dirty!

I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! I have been scouring for a good dirt none have been quite it. This is it!!!! Fast shipping with no leaks will be more ordering more soon. Thank you!

Not your typical dirt

This isn't the kind of dirt you're probably use to... It isn't the rich, dark potting soil that a lot of other companies offer. No, this is like...real earth, the kind you find out in the middle of the forest while foraging mushrooms or walking hidden trails. It is pleasantly grounding, like digging your bare feet into soft moss near the river. It isn't for everyone, but for someone looking for something that inspires or invokes feelings, it's just perfect. Makes a phenomenal blender in wax to add depth, but is equally beautiful alone in a candle. Medium throw in Coconut-Soy (which is perfect for this scent, it would lose something special if it was cloying).

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