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Brittany Allison
Incredible In CP Soap

This fragrance oil behaves perfectly in my cold process soap recipe. My oils were 91°F and lye solution 102°F. I always pre-mix my colors with olive oil and hand stir in my micas into my soap batter. No acceleration, even after stick blending the fragrance oil in. It actually decelerated my soap batter. A ton of working time for hanger swirls or mini drop swirls. No separation, no ricing, no color morphing even with my sky blue mica. It was the perfect pour. I used a 4% fragrance load: initially it smells on the lighter side when it is first cut, but as it cures it strengthens. My bars of soap are now 6weeks cured and the scent retention is medium strength, but sticking really well. No fading has been observed. I would describe the scent in soap as fresh, comforting and unisex. Such a beautiful scent that you want to sniff over and over again. The fragrance really comes alive in the shower. 10/10 recommend! 😍😍😍

Classic autumn

I can almost feel the crisp autumn air on my face when I smell this fragrance as it evokes lovely memories. It's absolutely fantastic.

Wonderful scent

Imagine you're walking through the woods on a sunny fall day after the leaves have turned red and yellow and have started to fall from the trees. That's what this smells like.

Alexandra Ekeler
Beautifully Accurate

I had a lot of hope for this fragrance and it certainly didn't disappoint (none of them do!). Leaf is earthy, leafy like a fall leaf should be...I can't describe it well enough to do it justice. It is beautiful on its own but would be great as a blender as well.

Must Have!!

I know I'm going to say this wrong, but this smells like walking into an old building. Just comfort. One of my favorites!!