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Connie C
If a lavender grower says it’s a true lavender….

There’s nothing else we need to know! Little Bee Scents is a godsend and they are just blowing me away, FO after FO! My wallet thanks LBS. I’m no longer wasting money on failed, useless FO’s. This lavender is perfect, as is, but I’m itching to blend it with something else from LBS! Thank you, thank you, Marsha!

The Truest Lavender

This lavender smells like essential oil lavender. Like you rubbed your fingers on a lavender plant. Like you walked through a blooming lavender field. It is the BEST lavender. No sweetness, no perfume-y smells, no fakeness. If you want a true lavender, this is it.

best Fragrance

I am allergic to lavender and very allergic to lavender fragrances. ALL EXCEPT THIS ONE. So excited. I don't care that it decelerates like crazy in CP soap and took 5 days to be ready to come out of the mold. It smells just like my Provance lavender in my garden and does not make me sneeze. The soap is beautiful and smells fantastic. I do not see a way to post a photo here. It is a wonderful fragrance for a complicated design.

Rook S.
Apothecary Vibes

I am not always a fan of lavender because it oftentimes smells manufactured or soapy. Not this one! This smells exactly like a dried lavender bouquet I got from my local apothecary. It’s spot on for a real herbal scent.

Spot on

As a lavender grower, I can say this fragrance is spot on. Different lavender varieties smell different from one another, which is why so many FO's have such varying scents. This one smells like I just brushed my fingers along the stems of my plants. Amazing.