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Amanda Denniston
Great strong scent

Originally I thought it wasn't working in my wax. After curing for a couple of months, the scent developed so strongly that it's actually too much ! Will adjust to make it just right. A perfect cedar chest scent.

Brooke Holland Kaczor
Sweet Hope

I love this scent... At first, it had to grow on me, but after putting it into wax it has turned into one of my favorites. It is complex and woodsy and more. Love it!

Doesn't get enough credit

Beautiful milled cedar fragrance. It took me a long time to figure out what this fragrance reminded me of... I used to use an old cedar chest in my barn for storage -- this smells exactly like that! I love it and I imagine mixing it with a little bit of leather would probably give me that authentic rustic barn feel. I think it would work for any 'rustic' or cabin mood kind of candle. Most of the FO here blow you out the front door, but this one is a little different -- great CT/HT, but the scent isn't overpowering, it's a bit more "mood setting", where it doesn't punch you in the face but it hangs pleasantly in the air as a background, as if your home/space has always smelled this way. This scent doesn't get enough love, but it should. It is beautiful.

Blends nicely with Blackberry Musk, too. =)

Mrs R
Spot on

How? How does this smell exactly like a hope chest? My mom kept all of her photo albums, wedding dress, yearbooks and linens in her hope chest. This smells exactly like opening it up. I love it!

Barbara Nevils
Love this!

Just made a candle and this does remind me of a hope chest. Redwood, linens and a touch of something homey!