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I haven't used it in a product yet, as just received it.. but I got plans for it..BUT first I'm gonna start breaking things in my house hoping the handyman smells this good 🤣🤣

Linda Katsuyama
Handyman Cold Process Soap

Behaved beautifully in cold process soap. I didn't really like it, but my sister loved it. Just a matter of personal preference. It is a week old now and the scent changed a little, but retained well, and I like it a little better now.

Taylor Johnsonbaugh
Great scent, struggled with cold throw

I haven't done a ton of testing yet with this one. OOB I love it. It's a nice masculine scent that I think both women and men alike would enjoy. I made a candle recently and used 8.5% in coconut apricot and I get no cold throw. This could be some sort of error on my part, so I'll give it another go.

Mrs R
Perfectly clean man scent

This one is so clean! It’s also got sort of a rugged edge to it. Not like the strong cologne that teens like to use (Axe body spray, anyone?) but it’s more grown and sophisticated than that. It’s like a strong and sexy man. Definitely keeping in my men’s line!

Noah Cupid

Smells just like cologne