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Linda Katsuyama
Handyman Cold Process Soap

Behaved beautifully in cold process soap. I didn't really like it, but my sister loved it. Just a matter of personal preference. It is a week old now and the scent changed a little, but retained well, and I like it a little better now.

Taylor Johnsonbaugh
Great scent, struggled with cold throw

I haven't done a ton of testing yet with this one. OOB I love it. It's a nice masculine scent that I think both women and men alike would enjoy. I made a candle recently and used 8.5% in coconut apricot and I get no cold throw. This could be some sort of error on my part, so I'll give it another go.

Mrs R
Perfectly clean man scent

This one is so clean! It’s also got sort of a rugged edge to it. Not like the strong cologne that teens like to use (Axe body spray, anyone?) but it’s more grown and sophisticated than that. It’s like a strong and sexy man. Definitely keeping in my men’s line!

Noah Cupid

Smells just like cologne

Whitney Lawrence
Clean and Balanced

I will start by saying that I am terribly picky with men’s scents. Most give me flashbacks to the smell of the hallways in junior high…axe body spray was fairly new and very popular and my nose hasn’t forgot it. However this fragrance is really nice and balanced. It’s clean and sexy. It’s a perfect men’s scent. It’s like what I would envision a first date with a CrossFit instructor(who’s also a snazzy dresser) would smell like.

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