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Kellie Stegall
…and I don’t even really like patchouli!

This is a perfect balance! I have a few regulars who love patchouli in everything and I usually dread making their stuff bc it’s so overpowering. This is the perfect amount of that peppery goodness in patchouli tempered by the calming aroma of green tea. Loveeee!

Sweet and fresh

I had to come here and see if I had already left a review, which I have not. I have sniffed both Green Tea and Patchouli separately and these two mashed together are a perfect duo! I'm OBSESSED! I poured this last night and it still lingers in the air. It's sweet yet earthy, but the scent is so soothing. Love it so much!

Stacie Reese
Loved from the bottle!

I can’t get enough of this scent. It is very mild and refreshing. Everyone loves the smell. I plan on making this a signature scent in my collection.

Soaping Notes

First off, this smells lovely. I love it. I've been in a funk lately and needed to pull get my rump in gear. I was very happy when I originally found this for candle making. But I was so happy when I tried this in soap. It did have slight acceleration but there was no ricing and it behaved really well. Too much Patchouli is a bad thing, so I used 2 oz for a 3-pound loaf of soap and it smells lovely. Not too strong, not too weak. I will probably go a little stronger in the future. Green Tea and Patchouli is one of my favorites and I hope my customers love it as much as I do.

Erikia Schneider
Intoxicating and Subtly Complex

Green Tea and Patchouli is an amazing scent! OOB I was immediately in love with this unique combination. It is intoxicating and subtlety complex. Very earthy, calming and sophisticated. It had great hot throw in coconut wax using 8%. I also used it in M&P soap. The scent was a bit light in the soap at 3%, so I increased the percentage to 4%, which helped some. Would like to try it in other bases to see how it does. So far, this is my favorite scent from LBS. I highly recommend it!

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