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Tracy Hall

What’s all the buzz about?!?! I am one happy bee and I cannot say enough about Flower Shoppe…you nailed it Marsha!!! It has the same beautiful scent that you notice when walking through the front door of a flower shop! How did you do that??? Crazy! I am SOOOO glad to have heard about Little Bee Scents! I’m forever yours 🐝

Nicole Mark
The freshness of life all bottled up

Oh man.

The description doesn't do this scent justice. My first impression out of bottle when I closed my eyes was the memory of the first time I walked into a florist shop.

I was about 6 and the smell of life coming from the cooler convinced me I was going to find fairies and toadstool homes deep in the back of the shelves hidden amongst the riot of color.

You know that debate about whether or not you can see scent?

You see flower shoppe. It's fresh and playful. It honestly brings me a sense of new romance and adventure. Or the feeling of butterflies when you go down a steep hill in your car.

The floral notes are not overpowering and the high notes are chilly and fresh.

Definitely could be blended with other scents but could be left alone on its own. I cannot wait to get this I to wax and soap!

Taylor Johnsonbaugh

This fragrance really surprised me. I am not generally a fan of floral or sweet scents. I like earthy. However, I do try to incorporate some scents outside of my typical taste because I know others like those items. With that in mind, I do tend to try to find things that hit the mark of what other may be looking for, but also speak to me. Flower Shoppe 100% does that. It's floral, like peonies, but green and lush, a bit damp/humid. It's a lovely scent and I'm excited to add this one into my line.

Sally Morris
Smells glorious

The name says it all.

Julie Rosenberg

The description for Flower Shoppe is spot on. This fragrance does not disappoint. It smells exactly like walking into a flower shop. I poured a coco~soy candle and the CT is wonderful. Too soon for testing the HT, but expecting wonderful fragrance to fill my room. I also made into a body cream and it is simply amazing. My husband thought it smelled wonderful. Will definitely be ordering the 16 oz with my next order.

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