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Linda Riddle
Scent is on point.

As someone who forages creosote, I'd have to say that this on point. It smells exactly like the real thing when I cup the leaves and inhale. Wonderful!

I'm in love!

This is a beautiful fragrance I didn't realize I was looking for. There is a hint of sweetness and green, but mostly I get an almost leathery, dry and slightly powdery(not in a baby powder way!) scent. Definitely unisexy. So why did I give it 4 stars? My soap is a bright mauve purple. I'm not sure how to combat the color morph. Much preferred to the wet creosote.

How does she do it?

I had to try both the wet and dry creosote and love them both. And also, what?! You'd have to wonder if there is a difference between them and sure enough-- this smells like dry creosote vs. the more after-rain effect of the wet version. This hits a little more earthy, sunbaked for me. Complex, herbal, maybe even spicy (?) and less floral than wet. It's the Fall version to wet creosote's Spring.

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