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Lena B.

I grew up in the Mojave desert and always talk about missing the smell of the desert. This is it. This is the desert on a cool, dry desert morning. Great cold and hot throw in 4630 wax.

Little Cabin Soaps
Behaved perfectly

Behaved well in CP soap used at 3%. Could easily incorporate swirls or simple designs. Once it began to trace, then it traced fast. Discolored to a peachy tan color after 5 weeks of cure time. Scent retention is good, leather is the main note that holds strong. This would be a great scent to replace or accentuate leather. I can't say it smells like creosote (I'm a New Mexico native and have lived in Arizona for 20+ years so it's a smell I know very well) but it's going to be the replacement for my former leather FO!

Heather Magee
People can't figure out why they love this instantly!

This has got to be one of my very best sellers. Seriously, everyone who picks up this fragrance has to have it. I have never smelled a dry creosote in person, but it also has captivated me too. It's a wilderness fragrance with mysterious slightly sweet background.... well... actually it's just hard to describe. GET IT! you won't regret it!

Linda Riddle
Scent is on point.

As someone who forages creosote, I'd have to say that this on point. It smells exactly like the real thing when I cup the leaves and inhale. Wonderful!

I'm in love!

This is a beautiful fragrance I didn't realize I was looking for. There is a hint of sweetness and green, but mostly I get an almost leathery, dry and slightly powdery(not in a baby powder way!) scent. Definitely unisexy. So why did I give it 4 stars? My soap is a bright mauve purple. I'm not sure how to combat the color morph. Much preferred to the wet creosote.