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Nicole Mark
The great chocolate caper

When someone says dark chocolate the first image that comes to mind is the deep velvet of melted dark chocolate as its being poured from the melting pitcher into the molds.

And then the scent of the chocolate hits you with its buttery and yet somewhat bitter smell. Dark chocolate isn't the paradise of sweetness most come to know but rather a much darker, deeper complex set of flavors.

Now...put that all into a bottle and you have cacao.

I put this on a scent sniffer with where there's smoke along with sandlewood and vanilla. Now you have smores... it blended so effortlessly on the strips and like most of the scents from little bees it takes more than one scent pass to truly appreciate the depth even with oils meant to be blended.

If you're a fan of semi sweet smells or your clients love baked goods smells that need a hint of chocolate to bring it all together...this is probably the scent you need.


You will not get a yummier chocolate scent than this right here. Truly *chef's kiss*! I was hoping the complexity wouldn't be lost in wax and I was not disappointed. It makes a fantastic blender!

I wanted to drink this. truly

As soon as I opened this I totally wanted to take a sip. I was thrown back home (I come from Ghana and I worked briefly in a cocoa processing company). This scent is so spot on I wondered if Marsha had sent me a raw cocoa drink. It's that good! I've only used in in soap and bubble bars and they both smell amazing.

Danielle Jhaye
Very expensive smelling

**I have not had a chance to test in a candle yet.** This is a great smelling cacao and smells very luxurious. I like to blend my own scents so I prefer oils that smell like what they say and not a bunch of different notes. It's strong out of the bottle but not too overwhelming. Cacao can come off very "cheap" smelling but this one definately leans more towards a higher end candle. I hope I'll be able to update my review once I've had a chance to test it.

Sherry White
Cacao Scent

Lovely scent, However, not strong enough for me.