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Love this scent!

This is my absolute favorite scent, and I never would have thought about trying it if I hadn't received a sample. I'm so glad I did, and I know it's going to be a best seller. It's fresh, not overpowering, and I have to keep sniffing my candle because it's that good.

Karyn Ridgely

This was the first time with this scent and OMG it is amazing. Not sure how you did it but it has no business smelling as good as it does and cannot wait to introduce it at a vendor event we have coming. Thank you for the amazing oils

So good!

A gorgeous and fresh scent! Don't be deterred by the name, or if you don't like celery -- this fragrance is absolutely beautiful and really blooms into something lovely in wax. Great HT in coconut soy without any fuss. This really comes across as a spa-type scent for me but not annoyingly perfumed like some other "spa-fresh" FO are on the market; it is fresh and clean watery fragrance, though you can smell each note in it, it blends together beautifully and not in a weird "foodie" or "medicinal" way. Very clean, lightly herbal. I think anyone could enjoy this fragrance. I sold out of my little "test batch" pretty quick!

It would be a crime to blend it because it's just perfect.

Crisp !!

Fresh, crisp and bright is exactly how I would describe this. I was on the fence about this until I was sent the sniffer. From that point on, I knew I needed this one! You’re going to love it