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leasha wellman
A Good Effort but Disappointing

Although I appreciate the effort, as a lifelong horseman, I can’t articulate how disappointed I am in this fragrance. It’s excessively musty and moldy and stings my nose like old moldy cow hay without any of the pleasant fragrance of quality fresh bailed hay. I plan to blend a little of this with some fresh cut grass to attempt avoiding wasting it.

Works in soy!

Beautiful hay scent! Wasn't a very strong scent at first but after curing for 2 weeks it was perfect! Burned right after Beam and wow what a combo!

So unique and addictive in soap

When I received this fragrance, I really liked it, but wasn’t sure about washing with it. I made a sample bar and couldn’t resist picking it up every time I walked by. No discoloration, mild acceleration, mild ricing, and great scent retention.
I’ve been trying to think of soap designs for it …. I think I’ll do an “Away in a Manger” soap for Christmas with it. I’ve made Packers football soaps with the Leather fragrance, and I think next time I’ll add a healthy dose of this fragrance.


Summer Hay Field is the only thing I can think of when I smell this! OOB this has a lot more earthiness in it and it pleasantly mellows out into a lovely, deep base on top of green. This reminds me of the hay fields and fresh bales of summer hay -- it's a unique scent, lovely and wonderful (not the annoying allergy-inducing smell some of you might be thinking of lol. Fresh, high quality hay smells AMAZING!). If you grew up on a farm, or own livestock, this is a scent you will really appreciate.
Excellent HT in cocosoy @ 8%.

Taylor Johnsonbaugh
Unique and Intoxicating

The moment I got a sniff of this I knew I had to have it. I have been trying to focus my scent line to be nostalgic and earthy. Brome Hay is a slam dunk in both those categories. I cannot get enough of it. It's an incredibly unique scent and definitely not something you'd expect to find in candles. It transports me to a summer day in Indiana, driving down a country road that's lined with fresh cut hay fields. I cannot get enough of it.