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So unique and addictive in soap

When I received this fragrance, I really liked it, but wasn’t sure about washing with it. I made a sample bar and couldn’t resist picking it up every time I walked by. No discoloration, mild acceleration, mild ricing, and great scent retention.
I’ve been trying to think of soap designs for it …. I think I’ll do an “Away in a Manger” soap for Christmas with it. I’ve made Packers football soaps with the Leather fragrance, and I think next time I’ll add a healthy dose of this fragrance.


Summer Hay Field is the only thing I can think of when I smell this! OOB this has a lot more earthiness in it and it pleasantly mellows out into a lovely, deep base on top of green. This reminds me of the hay fields and fresh bales of summer hay -- it's a unique scent, lovely and wonderful (not the annoying allergy-inducing smell some of you might be thinking of lol. Fresh, high quality hay smells AMAZING!). If you grew up on a farm, or own livestock, this is a scent you will really appreciate.
Excellent HT in cocosoy @ 8%.

Taylor Johnsonbaugh
Unique and Intoxicating

The moment I got a sniff of this I knew I had to have it. I have been trying to focus my scent line to be nostalgic and earthy. Brome Hay is a slam dunk in both those categories. I cannot get enough of it. It's an incredibly unique scent and definitely not something you'd expect to find in candles. It transports me to a summer day in Indiana, driving down a country road that's lined with fresh cut hay fields. I cannot get enough of it.


I didn't know what to expect, but Brome Hay did not disappoint! This scent is now something I can't live without. The perfect summer scent, but really it'll be nice all year round!

Heather Magee
Beyond my expectations

Growing up in the midwest, there is nothing more distinct than driving out in the country and smelling hay. Don't know how she did it, smells just like it!

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