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Very Authentic

This fragrance immediately takes your mind to a cozy and relaxing setting, much like a quiet book store or sitting on a leather couch with a brand new book. It has just enough musk to give off that dusty pages note, but not like an old basement. Perfection.


I received a sample of this and had it noted that I was going to purchase a full bottle. I am waiting on it now, but the scent OOB matches the description to a T! I definitely got that "sitting in a window seat while it's raining outside vibe and the room is dim and gloomy... I've got old parchment paper books and I am enveloped in my melancholy pining for a love unrequited." This is the one I've been looking for. I've tried blending my own 'library' scent, but I was missing some elements. This FO has all of the elements of wood, parchment, and leather that you want in the library atmosphere. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Marsha!

Don't judge this one OOB

This is one of those scents that, while it smells good OOB, it smells entirely different when in a product (it's a good thing). This one is tough to wick, I had to really fuss around with my coconut-soy to make it play nice and found that a hotter pour and a lot more mixing was the key to getting this one to play nice! This scent REALLY blossoms in wax and the HT, once the scent hits the room, definitely gives that bookshelf/old study/Library vibe. This is a dry scent with some warm leathery notes. It's a scent if you like "atmosphere", rather than "a house fragrance", if that makes sense. It sets a whole mood.
What this scent lacks, compared to other "Library/Book" fragrances is that gross, sweet vanilla note -- HOO-FREAKIN'-RAH!!! I do feel like I could mix this one to achieve some other elements if desired, but I rather like the vibe it has on it's own.

Jillian Seeker

Smells like dirt and grass. Very Earthy if u like that kind of smell lol

Soyful candle scents
Great , antique book scent

I’ve tried another companies book scent and it wasn’t near the scent of book nook . The tones of leather was light and it had a sultry , soothing fragrance that won’t disappoint. I can’t wait to sell my dough bowl soy candles with this scent - thanks little bee scents !

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