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Sally Morris
Perfect Yule candle!!!

The mix of all my favorite natural winter scents, all rolled into one.

The CT and HT is amazing. Even with a 4oz candle, my kitchen and living room are filled with the aroma. Love it!

I'm obsessed

This smells great in the bottle, but man once you get it burning in wax does it really shine! Fantastic throw in my coconut apricot wax, and also makes a pretty good blender. I mixed it with Frasir Fir to bring a bit more of that fir balsam out and it's amazing. My absolute fave!

Brooke Dolan
Weak scent

The bottle I got smelled good until I used it in a soy candle. I used the appropriate wick and formula and when burned, you can’t smell it at all. I used 10% FO that I stirred for 10 seconds before pouring into the vessel. Perhaps I will have better luck with the other oils I ordered.

Doris Dean
Childhood memories

I mixed vanilla with the bayberry.. and love it!! Reminds me of growing up and my Mom would light a bayberry candle on Christmas and New Years Eve every year for Good Luck!!

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