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Smells amazing in soap!

This is one of my favorites. It smells very fresh and natural in soap. It reminds me a bit of Petrichor, but much milder.
Great scent retention.
Discolors to a very light tan, but the discoloration is not visible if clay or mica are used.
Accelerates, but manageable with a simple design.
Rices, but can be stick-blended out without setting up too quickly.

Jennifer @Moondrop Gardens Soap Studio
fresh, clean and unique

I was invited to an Moonshine Event at a local distillery in a few weeks. I did not have time to test fragrance so I ordered AGAVE scent unsmelled bc Marsha has never let me down. When it arrived I was not sure how I felt about it obb but needed something clean and fresh and I always think agave is a little alcoholey. I soaped with a steep water discount and the fragrance immediately riced on me. I was doing layers so I bullied it into submission. I was able to finish my soap and was still not sure about the scent bc it was sooo strong. 2 weeks later and I am in love. It is a truly unique fragrance that is fresh, clean, unisex and just perfect for what I needed. Thanks Marsha Copple Flowers!

Great blender

Agave is great by itself, but I used it with some other oils to make my own margarita blend. Agave was just what it needed to put it over the top.

becky s.
My favorite

I finally decided that this is my favorite LB's scent. I have many that I love, but I keep coming back to this one over and over. Great CT and HT in soy wax at 8%. Just a lovely fragrance that makes me happy every time I smell it.


Currently, this is my most favorite fragrance for greenery and freshness. I stick this in every item I create and customers love it, especially in body & laundry products!